Silk Road Bank introduces its new internet banking service, designed to allow quick and simple access to your banking account, which offers:
  • Free access to your funds wherever you are
  • Performing banking transactions at anytime
  • Quick and safe non-cash payment
  • Free Internal payments
  • Free balance check and statements
  • Loan balance statement
  • Lowest fees
Now you can easily perform your bank requirements, wherever you want, whenever you want!
For quick and easy access to E - Banking service, please click here.
The E - Banking service allows you to manage your assets and transactions easily, and offers you a great deal of advantages and benefits:
  • Information 
    Thanks to this service, you have free and balance check and information on your account: review of the current balance, review of payment orders, and bank statements.

    New: Starting from 04.01.2013, your E - Banking access allows you to review also the balance of your Loan account in the Bank, the scheduled payments as well as review of the repaid loans.
  • Transaction
    This service lets you carry out quick and secure bank transactions at any time. You can pay orders online and carry out non-cash payments at any time suitable to you, no matter if you are at home, at work or away.
  • Archives
    E - Banking service also offers you a detailed review of all past payment orders, as well as bank statements for the requested dates. Thus, you can check all your past account balances at all times.
  • Service
    E - Banking service provides you other services, such as information about the current exchange rate list, which is additional benefit to your online transactions in the country and abroad.
Everything is easier with E - Banking!
The Bank keeps the right to change the terms without a prior notice.



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