As of May 2016, the Bank operates under the name Silk Road Bank AD Skopje.
Originally, the Bank was established in April 1993, among the first private banks in the country under the name Kreditna Banka AD Skopje.
In year 2000, Alpha Bank A.E., Athens became the main shareholder and the Bank changed its name into Alpha Bank AD Skopje.
Discretion and respect are the standards of the bank.
Silk Road Bank AD Skopje distinguishes itselves from the other banks in the country by following the criteria of the modern banking principles offered through client centric services. The values and principles of its operation are the clients who get the services smooth as silk.
Silk Road Bank AD Skopje shall continue its business strategy oriented towards the modern aspects of the banking business, improved products and innovations, thus confirming its image of a dynamic and state-of-the-art European Bank which follows the market demands and meets the needs of its clients.